Effective Ways Of Creating A Memorable & Successful PR Campaign

As compared to other marketing approaches, Public Relations has always been a more sophisticated and persuasive marketing technique. Unlike other marketing strategies, Public Relations never go aggressive on a customer to avail of any service or buy a product. A reliable PR agency works on the client’s reputation and keeps them in the limelight for good reasons. This makes up for a memorable PR campaign, which has become a necessity for everyone. People will always remember you by the way you made them feel. And to make them feel something, you have to do something- give them a successful PR campaign. 

We all remember the personal care brand Dove’s campaign that shows the true meaning of real beauty. Their campaign celebrates women, of all kinds, to make them feel confident and beautiful about their skin. Through this campaign, they projected that beauty is not only about the outer color but the deep love you have for your skin. And it was well communicated, implemented, and well-received in the market. So, we can say that Dove successfully carried out a great campaign for their brand. 

Before getting to the ground and starting anything, it is important to plan things out beforehand. Planning is an extremely critical step in every event or campaign. If you plan a campaign properly with clear-cut instructions and guidelines, there is a high chance of attracting national media attention and creating a positive image of a company among the audience. Not only does it improve the sales of the company, but it also builds healthy business relations with media personnel. 

During the planning stage of the campaign, you should keep these things in mind before publishing any message:

Setting up a goal is very important in the planning set. It guides you the way you want to reach for your campaign. You should set clear success metrics and their limitations, know your audience, select the right platform, and decide the creative story you want to pitch in the media. Remember that a great press release includes not only the highlights of your products or services, but also a personalized touch you want to portray in the eyes of the public. You must showcase how your product or service can be beneficial and better to others as compared to the competition. 

You would want to provide all the relevant information about the campaign in a concise yet effective manner. However, while drafting the message, your focus should be on the clients, journalists, and the end consumers. 

Now, after the message is published, you must start working on it behind the curtains. This includes conducting activities like writing blogs, building high-quality links, and bringing social media shares. These activities are equally important for a successful PR campaign as it increases the reach on the internet. The audience engagement and interactions received from all these activities will help you analyze the effectiveness of the campaign. 

To create more awareness of your campaign, you should leverage techniques such as tagging, hash tagging, and trending. For instance, the ALS ice bucket challenge became viral overnight with a simple aim to bring awareness about the disease. However, as you know, the impact of such challenges was huge. So, you should learn from successful user-generated viral posts that utilize one or two things from it for your campaign. You should aim to build a campaign that people will remember for many years. 

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